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How to integrate Exact Online data with your dashboarding apps

By Zdenek Pecha

Need to integrate your Exact Online with Tableau, Google Data Studio,
Power BI or other BI tools? It’s easy with Dataddo!

Exact Online is a powerful software that automates accounting, financial, ERP, HRM, and CRM related processes. The platform is very popular, especially in the Benelux area. While Exact is a very complex and highly customizable software, platforms like this can often cause further data-related headaches for organizations. Sometimes you might need to combine data from Exact with data from other BI data sources, or you might need to visualize the data from Exact in dashboarding tools like Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI and others. As the software is highly customizable, it can also prove to be tricky to connect to other systems. This makes the task of getting all data consolidated into dashboards or other platforms a very daunting proposition.

In most cases, setting up data pipelines isn’t just a one time task and you might need to extract and integrate your data for other purposes like setting up weekly or monthly reports.

Setting these pipelines up manually can take days or even weeks of custom coding and development, only to be revisited down the road when one of your tools has an API update. You have a few options: you can hire an in-house team that’s dedicated to data governance, sub out a software engineer who develops custom pipelines and bills you for maintenance and updates, or you can use a universal data integration pipeline like Dataddo, which covers all of your potential data issues at a fraction of the cost.

Dataddo, a no-code data integration platform is able to easily connect Exact Online and any other data sources to various data destinations. Dataddo can easily adapt to variable customized platform environments. Data from any system can be smoothly integrated and delivered to different BI tools for visualization with very little effort. Getting all of your data where it needs to go no longer requires all of the headaches with Dataddo.


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