New Connector: Podbean Data Integration

By Zdenek Pecha | 2 min read

Podbean is one of the most popular podcast hosting with a rising base of users. It was just a question of time when the need for data integration from this tool will come. That's why Dataddo is releasing a new connector now.

Your Podbean data deserves to be analyzed

Podbean users needed to integrate their data with BI tools like Google Data Studio and Power BI and we were ready to help them to incorporate Podbean into their data workflow.

Podbean itself is a powerful analysis tool that gives you a complex picture of your podcast audience and present trends. It allows you to analyze your data and collect all the needed information for further analysis.

You can measure the usual information about your audience like geolocation to see where they are coming from. Measurements help to better target your audience, attract advertisers, and get the best from your podcast.

Better measurement and data-driven approach are also helping to build your community around the world and target your services and products with more effectivity and fewer costs.

Easy Podbean data integration

If you are a Podbean user and a fan of data analytics you are probably thinking about the easiest way how to visualize your data. The most common tools of today are Google Data Studio, Tableau, or Power BI. Data visualization in thiese tools is dead easy but the real challenge can come when you need to work with multiple accounts or merge the data from different sources.

It is never about one data source but the complex picture about your business is composed from many pieces and many systems. like when you need to compare data from advertising platforms, social media and CRM. The solution of this task is using one data integration platform that can easily control and manage all your data processes from one place. And that's exactly what Dataddo is built for. Easy integration of any data source with any data destination.


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