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By Jan Indra | 3 min read

Whether you are a Sales Manager, a Marketing Executive, a Data Scientist or an Analyst, having insight into your company website performance is now an absolute must. Audience demographics, device preference, traffic statistics or conversion rates all provide useful information when you need to determine how to optimize the layout, content, styling and other settings of your website to bring the most out of it. The same applies when you need to determine your product strategy.

Insert Google Analytics

The first version of Google Analytics was introduced in 2005 when Google decided to rebrand the original web analytics product Urchin WebAnalytics obtained from Urchin Software Corporation. Rising rapidly in popularity over the years and continuously updated thanks to the enormous technological capabilities of Google, the software became the primary web analytics tool for companies of all sizes, currently having more than 84 % share of the entire website traffic analysis tool market.

Having such an enormous share of the market obviously drives Google to improve Google Analytics continuously, adding new features and capabilities of how you want your data displayed. Regardless, even a tool such as Google Analytics is not all-powerful when it comes to data visualization or, as importantly, combining the analytics data about website traffic with other performance data your company collects and analyzes.

To have an interface that treats data holistically often drives companies to build their own Business Intelligence solutions, tailored for their specific sector or activity and providing companies with the best balance between being technologically demanding and easy-to-use. Rather than using the Google Analytics dashboard to view its data, a company then might be in a dire need to be able to embed this data within their own BI solution.

Developing such a connection that would be user friendly, secure and efficient then presents a set of challenges on multiple levels, most notably having a sufficient number of qualified staff and the financial resources to develop such a connection.

Ask yourself then, how many top executives would be willing to commit significant resources to developing such a connection (after spending a lot on the BI solution itself) without a guaranteed success and timeframe of this endeavour?

Dataddo believes there is a cheaper, simpler and much less riskier solution.

Our Google Analytics Connector

The connector is able to seamlessly secure the flow of your data from the Google Analytics platform to your own company systems, whether we consider various visualization or dashboarding tools or internal customer relationship management systems.

The connector further contains two very useful and practical functionalities – multiplexing and multi-account data extraction.


This feature comes in handy when your data analyst needs to work with large sets of data. Rather than relying on API, which has certain data volume limitations, multiplexing lets you automatically create multiple intervalled queries, allowing for larger data extractions. For example – Google Analytics API only allows 10,000 rows per query but your needs call for 14,000 rows. Dataddo automatically configures 2 separate calls in order to extract all of the necessary data.

Multi-account data extraction

Indispensable when you manage multiple Google Analytics profiles for a number of different websites. Rather than having to laboriously copy the process of defining data relationships, you need to visualize your Google Analytics data accordingly, our Dataddo connector allows you to simply define the logic behind what data you want to visualize only once, being able to apply the same logic to any number of GA profiles you manage.

Dataddo also provides REST API for low-level implementation of your data with various other apps, so whenever your company workflow changes (new technologies, different tools), Dataddo is able to quickly direct your data to the right endpoint.

The primary focus of our team is also to make Dataddo as easy to use as possible, stemming from our vision of the future being heavily defined by a no-code philosophy, meaning that even less technologically adept staff is able to use modern technologies efficiently without the need to break the hotlines of your IT staff every 5 minutes.

Even as the industry of website creation moves increasingly more towards this philosophy with tools like Wix or Squarespace, we believe that website analytics integration needs to follow suit.



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