How Bikkelhart Uses Dataddo for Transparent Reporting in Klipfolio

By Melanie Rankin | 4 min read

Introducing Bikkelhart:

Bikkelhart provides web design and optimization services for clients across diverse industries. Drawing on their sales expertise and knowledge of customer behavior, Bikkelhart designs, optimizes, and automates their clients’ websites. 

To improve time management and keep things running smoothly, Bikkelhart needed a way to track: 

  1. The hours paid for by each client
  2. How many hours the company, and each individual employee, was spending on each project

The Challenge: Optimize Weekly Reporting

Bikkelhart’s original system was unideal: their project management software was simple and did not provide the data metrics they needed. Report generation took hours per week and was done by manually inputting data into Excel sheets. As the company grew, they started using Exact Online for better internal management and more data metrics, and Klipfolio to create the perfect visual reports for their data.

Now that they had a way to visualize their reports, they had to figure out how to get data from Exact Online to Klipfolio. They could manually import and export the data, but that would still require hours per week. They even tried connecting to the Exact Online API themselves, but the API had limitations that would require multiple API calls and still take hours per week - not much better. 

In the search for a service that could efficiently extract and upload all of their data from Exact Online to Klipfolio, they found Dataddo

A few simple steps to connect Exact Online to your dashboard using Dataddo.

The Solution: Exact Online to Klipfolio Integration

“ automates a part of the reporting that had to be done manually [before]. This saves us valuable time that we can spend on our customers.” - Vian Meijerink, Marketing Automation Lead

As one of the few tools available that could connect Exact Online to Klipfolio, Dataddo was a quick choice. Dataddo was able to provide Bikkelhart with a service that automatically extracts their Exact Online data, including workarounds to the API limitations. Here are some of the new capabilities for them and their 40 employees: 

The Internal Dashboard:

  • Accessible to all employees, tracks productivity and hours spent on different projects
  • Allows for better scheduling, time management, and accountability
Bikkelhart's new & improved Klipfolio dashboard, using Dataddo to extract data from Exact Online

A sample of Bikkelhart’s new and improved dashboard.

The Customer Dashboard:

  • Password-protected and accessible to clients 
  • Allows them to track the hours Bikkelhart spends on their account

Sick & Holiday Leave: 

  • Exact Online’s records for employee leave don’t suit Bikkelhart’s reporting needs
  • Dataddo Support created a calculation which breaks down leave per hour
  • Bikkelhart now has a complete view of employee availability 

Deleted or Modified Records: 

  • Exact Online’s API can cause duplicates when records are modified
  • Dataddo Support set each daily data load to include data from the previous 12 months
  • Bikkelhart’s dashboards stay free of duplicated data

“[Our customers] are a lot happier…[they can] look at the dashboard whenever they want to see the status of their project.” -Vian Meijerink, Marketing Automation Lead

Moving Forward with Dataddo:

Bikkelhart isn’t done yet:  In the coming weeks, they plan to add at least three new data sets from Exact Online to include in their Klipfolio dashboards. These new sources will help them track transactions and spend per project, hourly rates for each customer, and every outgoing invoice going back to 2018.

With Dataddo’s help, Bikkelhart has found new pathways towards productivity and new levels of transparency with their clients, resulting in better overall company health. 


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