[WEBINAR] What it Means to Activate Data Using Reverse ETL

By Jakub Plas | 2 min read
Reverse ETL is the process of sending curated datasets from warehouses back into the applications that business teams actually spend their time in, like CRMs, help desk apps, and marketing platforms. This gives sales and support professionals a complete understanding of customers, and enables marketers to automate highly targeted advertising.

Dataddo is one of the few data integration platforms offering ETL/ELT and reverse ETL capabilities as part of a single solution.

In this Feature Spotlight video, our CEO and founder Petr Nemeth:
  • Demonstrates a real-world reverse ETL use case using the Dataddo platform
  • Presents Dataddo’s roadmap of supported services and current/planned features
  • Answers any and all questions
This is the cutting edge of data integration in 2022. See for yourself how powerful it is.



Linkedin - Petr Nemeth

Petr Nemeth, CEO and Co-Founder at Dataddo

Petr Nemeth is the founder and CEO of Dataddo. Petr worked as a developer, analyst, and system architect for telecom, IT, and media companies on large-scale projects involving the internet of things, big data, and business intelligence. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, participating in hackathons, and educating himself on technology and modern history.

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