[UPCOMING WEBINAR] Enabling Any-to-Any Data Integration to and from Google BigQuery

By Jack Zagorski | 1 min read

Nowadays, organizations can integrate all their business data and use it in new, innovative ways with only a fraction of the engineering resources.

In this FREE webinar, we will show how Dataddo's data integration platform works together with Google BigQuery to form a complete and cost-effective data integration solution.


The agenda will include:

  1. A demonstration of how Dataddo can extract/pre-cleanse data from 300+ sources and load it to BigQuery and other Google Cloud storages via optimized connectors.
  2. An introduction to BigQuery and other Google Cloud services—like Cloud SQL, AlloyDB, and Google Cloud Storage—and their role in building a scalable data infrastructure.
  3. A demonstration of how Dataddo sends enriched data from BigQuery into operational applications like CRMs via reverse ETL.
  4. A showcase of real-world implementations by mutual customers.

The webinar will end with an open Q&A.

Can’t make it on the day? No worries—sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording!


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