Update & Improve Your Data Management Strategies

By Jessica Piel | 3 min read

Is your company new to the data management game? Or is your team trying to evolve with the times and update your current processes? Here are a few tips on how to update or create the best data management strategy for your business.

It's no secret that many companies haven't given much thought to their data management techniques in the past, evidenced by the first Chief Data Officer role being created a mere 18 years ago. However, in recent years, the importance of data and need for data analysis has come more to the forefront of many decision-maker's minds.


In creating or updating a data management strategy, it is important to take into account the staffing requirements needed to make your data dreams come true. Potential options could be:

• Creating new data-centric roles, such as data analyst or data scientist, within your IT department.
• If you already have a robust IT team, consider expanding the skillsets of your current employees to include more data-related tasks and responsibilities.


But what is your new or existing staff going to use in their data ventures? Let's talk about infrastructure. The market is huge for data-related software and technologies, from dashboarding and BI tools to ETL platforms and even data sources themselves. To start to better understand your software requirements, ask yourself some basic questions:

• Can our already implemented software and technologies handle the collection, transformation, and visualization of our big data?
• Will we need any new technology to keep up with our evolving and increasing data needs?
• Will our data department have the time to not only extract data but also analyze data to create valuable dashboards and reports using existing tools at their disposal?

Policies & Procedures

And finally, what kind of policies and procedures need to be in place to ensure the reliability of data and data sources, data collection and dissemination is secure, and data is processed and handled in an appropriate way? Setting up these policies could include:

• Putting in place procedures for data extraction to prevent duplication, inaccuracy, or missing data.
• Ensuring that all data is viewed and not just picking out favorable results. Make sure your team is looking at the full picture.
• Audit your systems to ensure security in the transportation of data and hold regular meetings to keep everyone up-to-date on new security protocols.

Whether you're starting from the ground up or just trying to improve your current strategy, one thing is for sure - data management is a vital part of running a business and having the right strategy in place will vastly improve the way your company makes decisions.

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