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How Uber Eats Streamlined Data Management

By Jessica Piel

Uber is one of the biggest ride-service apps in the game right now. Uber has reached many successes, so much so that in 2014, the company made it's way into the food-delivery industry. Uber Eats is currently available in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries. With such a large operation, large sets of data are constantly being collected. How does Uber Eats handle their big data and inform their data-driven decisions? That's where Dataddo comes in!

The Problem

As a large company spread all over the world, Uber Eats requires cutting-edge data solutions to be able to collect and analyze their data. Their previous data management platform was simply not able to handle the data from the various sources Uber Eats had employed. 

Uber Eats requires many features and abilities from their data architecture such as interoperability with online data sources, scalability, resiliency, flexibility, process automation, and the ability to share raw data.

Before Dataddo, two data analysts spent 100% of their time managing their data from various global marketing platforms. This included logging into 50+ accounts daily and manually cleaning data in order to provide the reports that were required. 


But now, with Dataddo, these analysts can spend their time on what's really important - gaining valuable insights from their data in order to push company goals. 

Our Solution

In using Dataddo, Uber Eats was able to centralize their data management and analytics operations, channelling all of their data analytics into a single dashboarding and reporting platform.

Dataddo was able to seamlessly and automatically synchronize data from multiple data sources, including social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, and social listening platforms such as Brandwatch and Socialbakers. This resulted in hours of saved time by eliminating manual data collection and cleaning processes.

How Dataddo Works

Dataddo works in just a few simple steps. First, connect data sources to the Dataddo platform. This will automatically sync all your data into tables inside the platform where you can then further transform the data.

Dataddo provides centralized management and monitoring of all your data pipelines, making it easy to combine data from many different sources. With regular data backup within our system, you'll never have to worry about not being able to access your vital data.

And finally, when your data is ready to be presented and analyzed, send your data to the dashboard or data warehouse of your choice. 


Key Benefits

With the implementation of Dataddo, Uber Eats was able to uncover valuable new insights. Once their data pipelines were configured and set up with their various data sources, analysts were able to view the full picture of the company's progress and marketing efforts and spend more time on analyzing their data rather than wrangling it. 

With Dataddo, Uber Eats was able to fill in the gaps where manual data work had fallen short, leading their team to access new data points previously lost in manual processes, and decreasing time spent on data management three fold. 

Uber Eats also found benefits in the increased accessibility of their data. With our no-code platform, anyone in their team with access to the Dataddo account was able to quickly and easily manipulate and send data to their desired destination. No more worries about potential engineering headaches or custom ETL engineering that may have been required when implementing new web-based marketing services. 

What Uber Eats Had to Say

Amalia Bornstein, Global Social & Content Marketing Data Analyst at Uber Eats had this to say about the Dataddo platform:

Amalia Bornstein, Global Social & Content Marketing Data Analyst at Uber Eats had this to say about the Dataddo platform:

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