[WEBINAR] Smarter Financial Dashboards for SMEs (Using ExactOnline)

By Jack Zagorski | 2 min read

To "read" this webinar as an article and download the free Power BI template that comes with it, see our article Smarter Financial Dashboards for SMEs (with Free Power BI Template).

Did you know that 70% of companies today have made a serious decision based on inaccurate financial data (IBM 2021 Global C-Suite Study)? How reliable is your company’s financial data?

Dataddo and The Reporting Agency held free webinar on how to build smarter financial dashboards, where you can learn about:

  • Challenges that users of financial software, like ExactOnline, face
  • Benefits of integrating financial data in a BI tool
  • Connecting accounting and other software to a BI tool (as an example, we will use Dataddo to connect ExactOnline to Power BI)
  • Visualizing, analyzing, and blending financial data from different sources

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