[WEBINAR] How to Set Up Automated, Accurate Offline Conversion Import to Google Ads

By Jack Zagorski | 2 min read

The key to optimizing spend in Google Ads is importing reliable data on recent conversions as soon as possible. If the import of data is delayed, optimization of your ad spend will be, too; if the data imported is unreliable, you’ll waste money showing ads to the wrong prospects.

In this webinar, Dataddo’s Head of Marketing, Josef Vesely, will explain how to automate the import of reliable offline conversion data to Google Ads for timely, highly targeted advertising.

What are we going to cover? Josef will share the lessons he’s learned on this topic and discuss, among other things:

  • Why manual import is not the way to go
  • Different methods for automating imports and their tradeoffs
  • How to do conversion imports with Dataddo for conversions that start with a click:
    • Using GLCID
    • Using enhanced conversions for leads

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