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How Sat-7 Manages 100s of Social Media Accounts with Dataddo

By Jessica Piel

Sat-7 is the first and largest Christian satellite television network operating in the Middle East and North Africa. With multiple channels available in more than 50 countries, Sat-7 requires different marketing techniques and strategies based on location and language. With so many marketing campaigns, an abundance of data is created and in need of analysis.

The Problem

Sat-7 needed to aggregate data from more than 100 Facebook and Instagram accounts and visualize the data in the dashboarding tool, Klipfolio. In order to create the necessary reports and inform digital media decisions, Sat-7's data analysis team needed access to metrics such as visits, views, and overall account performance.

Before Dataddo, multiple data analysts were spending hours on a daily basis extracting the information they required. In addition, they found limitations in the metrics able to be exported by Instagram, such as 'Story' views. 


Our Solution

In using Dataddo, Sat-7 was able to centralize their data management operations into their dashboarding tool of choice, Klipfolio.

With automatic and seamless data synchronizations from multiple accounts across both Facebook and Instagram platforms, Dataddo was able to eliminate the tedious task of manually extracting data from each individual account. This saved many hours of work for the Sat-7 team and allowed for their data workflow to be optimized so the team could deliver reports quickly and reliably. 

Dataddo also allowed Sat-7 to build a database and create a timeline of Instagram Story views and reactions, solving the Instagram metrics limitations. This led to unlocking many new and valuable insights into Sat-7's digital marketing campaigns.

How Dataddo Works

Dataddo works in just a few simple steps. First, connect data sources to the Dataddo platform. This will automatically sync all your data into tables inside the platform where you can then further transform the data.

Dataddo provides centralized management and monitoring of all your data pipelines, making it easy to combine data from many different sources. With regular data backup within our system, you'll never have to worry about not being able to access your vital data.

And finally, when your data is ready to be presented and analyzed, send your data to the dashboard or data warehouse of your choice.

Key Benefits

With Dataddo's automated data synchronization capabilities, all manual data extraction processes have been eliminated and integration to Sat-7's chosen dashboarding app, Klipfolio, has been made simple. Their data analysts no longer need to spend hours every day extracting data from more than 100 accounts. They can instead use their time for more valuable tasks, such as analyzing the data. 

And now, the whole team has easy access to all the data from all their social media accounts. Our no-code platform makes is simple for anyone to manipulate and send data to their desired destination in no time.


Client Testimonial

Here's what Sat-7's Chief Operations Officer, Andrew Hart, had to say about Dataddo:


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