How Objective Platform Combined Sales and Finance Data with Dataddo

By Melanie Rankin | 3 min read

Dutch software service Objective Platform exists to take your marketing efforts to the next level through data science. By collecting data from each marketing channel and creating customized models depending on a customer’s needs, it delivers an unbiased view of every client’s unique marketing situation.

When it comes to their internal analytics and needs, Objective Platform was looking for a way to move vital sales and financial data to the best storage solution possible. In their search for a tool that would allow them to extract and load their data with ease, they turned to Dataddo.

The Challenge: Connecting Data from HubSpot and Exact Online 

Objective Platform’s goals were clear from the beginning: sales data from HubSpot and financial data from Exact Online needed to be funneled to dashboards for visualization. The primary purpose of these dashboards would then be for internal circulation and transparency among company stakeholders. 

For the OP data engineers, Google BigQuery was the first choice for its transformational capabilities and native compatibility to Looker Studio, fulfilling both storage and dashboarding needs. Creating the necessary integration between HubSpot and Exact Online to BigQuery, however, was the primary issue.  

After first attempting a manual integration with Exact Online, the time-consuming nature of the task (and difficulty navigating the Exact Online API) quickly disqualified it as an option. In choosing integration platforms, one consideration of the OP team was a popular open-source integration tool, but the slow response from support and lack of a prepared connector for HubSpot turned them towards Dataddo, with the out-of-the-box connections and quick support they needed. 

The Solution: Custom Datasets, Upsert Function

Objective Platform was able to begin their HubSpot and Exact Online integration immediately with Dataddo—Dataddo’s flexible Exact Online connector had everything OP needed to begin moving their revenue and budgeting data. In order to optimize the HubSpot connector for OP’s specifications, the Dataddo team added a dataset to track Deal Owners and modified the Deals dataset to allow Objective Platform to track custom fields from HubSpot. 

To avoid duplicates and keep their data quality high, Dataddo also implemented a new writing strategy called Upsert (Update and Insert), which updates existing data records at the same time as it inserts new ones into the database. 

Moving Forward with Dataddo 

“Good experience, stable tool, good support. [Dataddo saved us] at least several weeks of development to write our own HubSpot and ExactOnline importers. The Dataddo team is very helpful, and we’re very satisfied to have the new endpoints added!”

-Florian Dauphin, Data Engineer for Objective Platform

With their data flowing daily into Google BigQuery through Dataddo, Objective Platform is now able to easily monitor the quality of their data and use it for further transformations, performing visualizations and analysis as needed. Dataddo manages API changes from HubSpot and Exact Online so that breakdowns become a non-issue, and the Dataddo support team is ready to assist with further customization of OP’s sources, should their data objectives change.


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