How Leadspicker Merged Pipedrive with Marketing Data for Holistic Reporting

By Melanie Rankin | 3 min read

As a front-runner in the Czech startup world, Leadspicker is on a mission to make life easier for Sales Reps. Their machine learning algorithm automates the process of lead generation, saving Salespeople precious time and letting them focus on the most important, personal aspects of their job. 

When it came to their own internal lead tracking, Leadspicker found themselves outgrowing an original data infrastructure, seeking something more organized, sophisticated, and in line with their lightning-fast growth trajectory. They turned to Dataddo.  

The Challenge: Disorganized Data Systems

Leadspicker’s original data system was destined to be quickly outgrown, with every department using different software for reporting: Marketing creating reports in Google Data Studio, Operations laying out information in spreadsheets, and Sales visualizing insights in their Pipedrive CRM. Without a cohesive system across the company, internal communication suffered, and it was difficult, if not impossible, to find accurate acquisition stats. 

Leadspicker needed to unify their data sources through one warehouse and visualization tool that was accessible by the whole company, giving them a single source of truth and keeping everyone on the same page. Most importantly, they needed a way to extract that data and integrate it with their warehouse and BI tools. 

The Solution: Unified, Accessible Data

In the Dataddo platform, Leadspicker’s Marketing data was first to be connected: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Google Analytics to track website traffic and leads generated from content and performance marketing. 

For Sales, all data on leads and deals came via one source: Pipedrive. Retrieving CRM data can often pose a challenge, as the platforms are highly customizable and not all tools can provide the necessary API endpoints. However, the Dataddo architects worked with Leadspicker to retrieve data from custom fields, such as specific labels for different Leadspicker products and their associated leads. For the Operations department, SQL databases, spreadsheets, and the application CloudTalk were connected to the Dataddo funnel. 

Once connected, Dataddo loaded Leadspicker’s data to an MS SQL server for storage, and a Power BI dashboard for visualization and reporting, giving them full control and easy access to all of their Marketing and Sales data, all in one place. Now, this data loading process is automated and ongoing, ensuring Leadspicker has a constantly-updating source of truth.


Vlastimil Vodička, CEO at Leadspicker“We now have a shared target and responsibility. We were a pretty data-oriented company before, making data-driven decisions, but Dataddo has definitely made it easier for us and saved us a lot of time on spreadsheets.” 

-Vlastimil Vodička, CEO at Leadspicker


Moving Forward with Dataddo

With all of their most important lead generation data on one internally-accessible dashboard, Leadspicker’s KPIs, targets, and goals are fully understood by everyone at the company. 

As Leadspicker continues their ascent through the startup world, Dataddo will stay nestled in their data architecture, guaranteeing that their vital marketing data stays organized and available. 


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