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How French Football Federation Views Appfigures Data

By Jessica Piel

The French Football Federation (FFF) has played an integral role in football (or soccer, for you North American folks) worldwide. As the governing body of football in France, both professional and amateur, and a founding member of FIFA, FFF has assisted in the growth and popularity of football around the world since 1919. 

The Problem

FFF was using the software, Appfigures, to track their mobile app performance. However, they were required to have multiple accounts, meaning data was split up and unable to be viewed in one easy-to-access place. And because the Appfigures software only allows for a few account administrators, not everyone on the team was able to easily access the data in the various Appfigures accounts.  

In addition, the marketing team was not able to use Appfigures to access all the metrics they needed to make informed decisions. Without an integration tool like Dataddo, it would be a time-consuming and tedious task to extract and combine all the necessary data and gain access to all the necessary information.

FFF requires many features and abilities from their data architecture such as interoperability with online data sources, scalability, resiliency, flexibility, process automation, and the ability to share raw data.

Data sources used by FFF are multiple Appfigures accounts

Our Solution

In using Dataddo, FFF was able to centralize their data management operations into their dashboarding tool of choice, Google Data Studio.

With automatic and seamless data synchronizations from multiple accounts across multiple platforms, Dataddo was able to eliminate the tedious task of manually extracting data from each individual account. This saved many hours of work for the FFF team and allowed for their data workflow to be optimized so the team could deliver reports quickly and reliably. 

How Dataddo Works

Dataddo works in just a few simple steps. First, connect data sources to the Dataddo platform. This will automatically sync all your data into tables inside the platform where you can then further transform the data.

Dataddo provides centralized management and monitoring of all your data pipelines, making it easy to combine data from many different sources. With regular data backup within our system, you'll never have to worry about not being able to access your vital data.

And finally, when your data is ready to be presented and analyzed, send your data to the dashboard or data warehouse of your choice.

Key Benefits

With Dataddo, FFF now has one single, reliable place to access all the data they need. And with Dataddo's no-code platform, and quick and regular synchronizations, everyone on the team is able to access the data with ease in Google Data Studio.

In addition, they now have access to metrics previously unknown when using Appfigures alone. FFF is now able to view the full picture of their mobile application performance without wasting their time on data extraction and cleaning. 

The data flow for FFF, using multiple accounts from Appfigures, going through Dataddo, into Google Data Studio

Client Testimonial

Here's what Chef de Projet Marketing Digital, Ali Khalef, had to say:Quote about Dataddo from FFF's Chef de Projet Marketing Digital

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