Empowering Sales Teams: The Need for Data Activation in CRM Management

By Jessica Piel | 5 min read

If you’re a member of your company’s data team, you know that CRMs aren’t equipped to give your business teams all the data they need straight out of the box. They need lead and customer scores, fresh data on in-app or on-web behavior, churn risk, and more. And getting all of that data out of disparate sources and into their CRM will take you and the rest of the data team time. Lots of time.

With data activation through reverse ETL, you can put any company data into a CRM quickly, easily, and automatically.

In this article, we'll look at how data activation and reverse ETL can revolutionize your sales team’s processes and improve collaboration across departments, leading to better, data-driven decision-making. In addition, implementing reverse ETL will save you time and money by automating any previously manual work of loading data from disparate sources into your CRM. 

Let’s take a look.


Reverse ETL for Data Teams: The End of Manual Data Import & Data Pipeline Maintenance

By democratizing data and allowing business teams unfettered access to data in the tool where they need it, you’re freeing your own hands for more important tasks. Here’s what you can expect to achieve by implementing a reverse ETL tool.


Efficient CRM Integration

Sales teams need data from multiple sources and for multiple departments—from customer interaction platforms like Intercom to finance apps like Stripe. But they will only get that value if they can access that data in the tools they actually spend most of their time in, i.e., a CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce. A reverse ETL tool will allow you to give it to them for a fraction of the time and financial cost.


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Focus on Higher-Value Work

By automating the process of data extraction and integration, reverse ETL allows you to concentrate on more complex challenges, such as maintaining data quality, implementing robust security practices, and identifying metrics that align with broader business goals.


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Scalability & Adaptability

As businesses grow, so does the volume and complexity of data. Quality reverse ETL tools are designed to scale with the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring that data teams can seamlessly adapt to changing requirements without overhauling existing workflows.

If your sales team switches CRMs, not a problem! Reverse ETL tools should support any CRM destination.

If your company acquires another business and your data volume doubles, adding many more apps to your existing data architecture, also not a problem! Reverse ETL tools worth their salt should support extraction from any online data source, and offer reasonable pricing for increasing row limits.


Real-Time Data Updates

There’s no better way than reverse ETL to ensure that sales teams have the most up-to-date and accurate information at their fingertips during customer interactions. Real-time updates are crucial for making informed decisions and providing a personalized customer experience.


Reverse ETL for Sales Teams: "Finally, We Have All the Data"

Reverse ETL cures a major headache by enabling data teams to set and forget pipelines. But it’s the sales teams who will feel the benefit daily.


Holistic Approach to CRMs

By integrating data from various departments in a CRM, reverse ETL enables sales teams to have a holistic view of the customer. This comprehensive perspective, which is built on sales, marketing, finance, and support data, empowers sales representatives to understand customer behavior, preferences, and interactions across the entire business.

So, by setting up these pipeline automations and providing this holistic view, you and your team are contributing to the overall goals and success of the company.


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Improved Collaboration

Data silos can hinder collaboration between different departments. With data activation through reverse ETL, these silos are broken down. Seamless access to integrated data fosters collaboration between sales, marketing, finance, and other teams, facilitating a more cohesive and aligned approach to customer interactions.


Enhanced Decision-Making

The real-time and comprehensive data made available by reverse ETL lets sales teams make data-driven decisions on the fly. They can tailor their strategies, prioritize leads effectively, and respond to customer needs with more agility, even right in the middle of a phone call.


Why Reverse ETL with Dataddo

So, now you’re sold on data activation through reverse ETL, but what tool are you going to use?

Dataddo offers a no-code, easy-to-use data integration platform for reverse ETL. Whether you’re on the sales team or the data team, you’ll be able to easily and quickly set-up automated pipelines from any source to any destination. 

In addition to reverse ETL capabilities, the Dataddo platform supports various different types of integration such as classic ETL, integration between apps and dashboarding tools, and database replication. The reliability, security, flexibility, and scalability of Dataddo makes it the right choice for your current and future data integration needs.


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