Dataddo Successfully Passes AWS Foundational Technological Review

By Jack Zagorski | 2 min read

Already a long-term partner of Amazon Web Services, Dataddo is pleased to announce that it has passed AWS's Foundational Technical Review (FTR)—a validation of our platform’s adherence to AWS Well-Architected Best Practices.

The FTR evaluates partners in five areas: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. This ensures that vendors whose solutions are built using AWS have mechanisms in place to automatically detect and mitigate any risks in these areas.


Enhanced Assurances for Dataddo Customers

dataddo lightThe validation is indicative of Dataddo’s continual commitment to providing robust data integration solutions, even as technological landscapes and data management needs evolve.

AWS is one of the most rigorous and respected service providers in cloud computing, so this validation is yet another assurance of our platform's security and reliability. 


Dataddo Is Committed to Operational Excellence

Dataddo continues to stand at the forefront of innovative data integration solutions. Our platform's support of ETL/ELT, database replication, and reverse ETL, and our wide portfolio of over 250 connectors, ensures that businesses can securely move their data from end to end.

Despite its advanced functionalities, the Dataddo platform has an accessible, no-code user interface, bringing sophisticated data management capability to all businesses, regardless of size or technical expertise.


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