[WEBINAR] Data Trends for 2023 + Actionable Takeaways

By Jack Zagorski | 2 min read

Digital transformation is happening so quickly that 70% of companies fail to manage it properly (statistic by Deloitte). They are using more data-producing apps, sharing data with more employees, and making more concerted efforts to govern data.

This raises important questions about the future of effective data management and BI:

  • Is the need for more tools endless?
  • How can we ensure the data they generate is integrated and interpreted correctly?
  • How will we keep the data secure and clean?

Join our CEO Petr Nemeth for this free webinar, where he helps business leaders anticipate the answers to these questions in 2023 and beyond.



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Petr Nemeth, CEO & Co-Founder at Dataddo

Petr Nemeth is the founder and CEO of Dataddo. Petr worked as a developer, analyst, and system architect for telecom, IT, and media companies on large-scale projects involving the internet of things, big data, and business intelligence. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, participating in hackathons, and educating himself on technology and modern history.

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