[WEBINAR] Data Integration with Google BigQuery

By Jakub Plas | 3 min read

Google BigQuery is among the market's best and most popular data warehouses.

Its easy-to-use interface, native integration with other Google services, and vast analytic capabilities make BigQuery a solid choice for many businesses.

But how can you integrate data from sources outside the Google ecosystem? And how can you leverage your warehouse to make the most of your data?

Dataddo CEO Petr Nemeth hosts this 30-minute Feature Spotlight where he talks about how to set up your data pipelines from your data sources to Google BigQuery.

In this video, Petr discusses:
  • Architecture overview
  • Setting up ETL/ELT and Reverse ETL pipelines
  • Using different write modes (append vs. upsert)
  • Solving the common issues (data duplicates, table partitioning)



Linkedin - Petr Nemeth

Petr Nemeth, CEO and Co-Founder at Dataddo

Petr Nemeth is the founder and CEO of Dataddo. Petr worked as a developer, analyst, and system architect for telecom, IT, and media companies on large-scale projects involving the internet of things, big data, and business intelligence. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, participating in hackathons, and educating himself on technology and modern history.

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