Data Fabric Identified Among Key Data Trends by Gartner

By Petr Nemeth | 2 min read

Data fabric has been listed by Gartner as one of the top 10 key data trends of 2019. As more and more companies begin to take advantage of big data and data analytics, data fabric is playing a vital role in data management infrastructure across organizations. 

Also included among the top 10 trends of the year is augmented data management, another important part of any data management strategy.

Data Fabric

Gartner listed data fabric as a key data and analytics technology trend. Data fabric “enables friction-less access and sharing of data in a distributed data environment." Data fabric allows for consistent data management across an organization, allowing for optimized data integration, data access, and processing.

Gartner predicts that through 2022, businesses will increasingly deploy data fabric infrastructure and evolve with the developing demand for data management solutions. 

Augmented Data Management

Another notable trend listed by Gartner is augmented data management. Gartner recognizes the importance of automated data management systems to be implemented to optimize the time spent by all data users, regardless of technical ability.

For less technically inclined workers, augmented data management systems allow for ease of use in accessing and manipulating data. While for highly technically skilled employees, their time can be spent on higher level, and higher value, activities instead of monotonous, manual data management tasks. 

Including augmented data management is a must within any organization's new or current data management strategies.

Why is This So Cool?

The idea for building the Dataddo platform came from the knowledge that many data experts find it extremely painful to work with analytics data from multiple web, social, sales and customer platforms.

Having this insight, we identified a need for a no-code data integration platform that helps businesses centralize all of their analytics data into a single place, whether that’s a dashboarding app like Tableau or Google Data Studio, a data warehouse, or cloud-based big data storage.

We are excited to see that our initial vision for building Dataddo has been validated by the world’s most respected IT research and analytics firm, Gartner.


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