New Challenge for Businesses: Data Analytics

By Petr Nemeth | 3 min read

In today's world, businesses are increasingly data-driven. In fact, it is very common for the average business to be using a plethora of software applications and platforms for various different business tasks.

Many businesses use CRM software for client and lead management. Some businesses use intelligence tools to dig deeper into financial perspective. And services like Google Analytics for website tracking and Google AdWords for on-line campaign management are critical platforms for many organizations. Not to mention all of the social media platforms and social network management tools that may be implemented as well.

The Challenge

Having immediate information about the performance of various parts of the business is always great, however, it has a dark side too. With more and more data pouring from such services and more new services and tools being implemented, orchestrating the whole system is becoming a rather unbearable burden.

if you really want to get the most of each data source and service, just imagine how many experts you would need! To make it even worse, many such services do not naturally communicate with each other, therefore getting the big picture is a rather laborious task.

Without a data management strategy or tool in place, it takes an individual, or several, to manually extract datasets on a regular basis and then figure out how to make any good use of it.

Solution? Automation!

Here at Dataddo, we are all data-freaks. Having such a mindset has given us the opportunity to understand the importance of being effective when it comes to working with the data.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools and know-how they need to leverage the ever-growing amount of data to their advantage.

We've assisted many large companies all over the world in managing their data, from social media analytics for Uber Eats to mobile application performance for French Football Federation.

How We Do It

Dataddo is a provider of out-of-the-box solutions that directly and automatically connects to services like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, HubSpot, and more than 70 other platforms and applications.

Set time frames for downloads of your desired datasets, and allow Dataddo to apply various transformations, such as currency conversion, formula computation, text concatenation, and dataset integration from various sources.

Dataddo will even encrypt the data and deliver it to your server via SFTP, email, API or a direct push to the dashboarding app or data warehouse of your choice.

With Dataddo, you can take advantage of an integrated data visualization framework to help you distill complex data into easily-digestible business dashboards. Dataddo creates simplicity for organizations in the expanding and increasingly chaotic data analytics ecosystem.

Does it sound too good to be true? See for yourself! Start your 14-day free trial and get full platform functionality, and assistance from our on-boarding specialists. 


Data Analytics a Challenge?

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