Data Agency i-spark Uses Dataddo for Heavyweight Integrations

By Melanie Rankin | 3 min read

In terms of data expertise, Dutch agency i-spark ranks above the pack. Focusing on eCommerce and SaaS companies, i-spark utilizes commercial tools to help businesses build a data infrastructure they can maintain long-term. Beyond data wrangling, i-spark specializes in dashboard-building and analysis, engineering reporting systems that will provide insight into an e-business’ most vital questions. 

Finding the right pipeline solution 

Initially, the i-spark team turned to Dataddo for a simple answer to a simple question. A client with a basic Google Analytics use case needed to pull their website data for reporting on a daily basis. However, since the client didn’t have the capacity to maintain a custom pipeline, i-spark looked to connect them with a service that could support a basic API call long-term. With other ETL platforms charging exorbitant prices and pushing unnecessary features, i-spark chose Dataddo for its intuitive setup and no-maintenance requirements, giving their client a tool that would serve them even without developer expertise. 

Soon, i-spark realized the deeper potential of a Dataddo cooperation. 


Tamara de Heij, i-spark founding partner“Usually if you go to a SaaS solution, what you see is what you     get. Then, all of a sudden there was an option to have   something developed.”

-Tamara de Heij, i-spark Founding Partner


Dataddo’s quick connectors change the game

Dataddo’s ability to create new data connectors on-demand in a matter of days provided a useful supplement to i-spark’s workflow. The agency saw an opportunity to outsource more common integration cases which could be handled by a third-party specialist. This freed up i-spark’s internal resources to optimize their clients’ reporting and ultimately saved the client time and money along the way. 


“It’s convenient for the client —  they can be up and running quicker and cheaper than if everything needed to be built from the ground up. [Dataddo] does the whole process, including the historical data. What’s particularly useful is their ability to build new connectors — that’s key.” 

-Tamara de Heij, i-spark Founding Partner


Outsourcing data integration to focus their skills 

Several years into ongoing cooperation, i-spark has integrated Dataddo into their client rhythm. Data integrations that they determine to be better for outsourcing are referred to Dataddo, where i-spark acts as a liaison between Dataddo and their client to gather details like syncing frequency and depth of historical data. With Dataddo managing the API endpoints, i-spark is better able to support their clients in building sustainable data systems which will answer their biggest business questions. 

Curious about a Consulting Partnership? 

Dataddo Consulting Partnerships allow data experts to outsource resources beyond their usual scope so they can focus on what they do best. Consulting partners utilize Dataddo as part of their larger package of client services, expanding their capacity and ultimately producing better results through shared expertise. Read to learn more about consulting partnerships or contact a representative for more information. 


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