[WEBINAR] CDC Database Replication

By Jack Zagorski | 3 min read
Need to keep data in different systems synchronized in near real time? To ensure that consistent data is always available, even in the event of a system failure or cyber attack?

Change data capture (CDC) replication is a powerful process that ensures data is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible across all company databases.

Join Dataddo CEO Petr Nemeth for a free webinar on CDC replication, where he:
  • Discussed common use cases
  • Discussed common techniques
  • Showed solutions for implementation
  • Held an open Q&A



Linkedin - Petr Nemeth

Petr Nemeth, CEO and Co-Founder at Dataddo

Petr Nemeth is the founder and CEO of Dataddo. Petr worked as a developer, analyst, and system architect for telecom, IT, and media companies on large-scale projects involving the internet of things, big data, and business intelligence. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, participating in hackathons, and educating himself on technology and modern history.

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