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HubSpot data reporting – an unsolvable problem?

By Zdenek Pecha

HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing, sales, and customer service platforms used by thousands of companies in over 100 countries. Using tools like Hubspot and other cloud-based BI services has become a necessity for data-conscious businesses today. More and more companies are also turning to business intelligence tools like Tableau and Google Data Studio for reporting and creating dashboards to help visualize and better utilize their data. The problem is, it can be rather difficult to blend HubSpot data containing leads, analytics, sales or customer service information with data from other sources within BI tools for visualization and reporting.

One of HubSpot’s key features is the ability for users to customize the platform to perfectly meet their company’s needs. Unfortunately, there are some headaches that come along with the highly customizable data that the platform can provide. High customizability makes the Hubspot platform quite difficult to connect to other BI services and tools like Tableau, GDS and others. These services often require extra work when trying to create consolidated reports containing both Hubspot data and data from other analytics or project management services.

The solution is Dataddo, our no-code data integration platform able to easily connect HubSpot and any other data sources to your various data destinations. Thanks to our robust data transformation engine, organizations can easily adapt to variable customized platform environments. Data from virtually any system can be easily integrated and delivered where it needs to go without writing a line of code, so setting up data pipelines doesn’t need to be a pain point any longer.


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