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YouTube data analytics redefined

Youtube, world’s leading video platform is greatly popular amongst businesses, online marketers, media companies or digital agencies. However, unlike other products from the Google family, YouTube does not provide data analytics capability. So, I case you wanted to get more insight than those provided in standard interface, you had to build your own analytics solution based on robust YouTube API, or to use some 3rd party solution, however, these are usually hard to be integrated with your existing analytics. Having substantial experience in delivering advanced analytics capabilities for other popular tools and services such as Facebook Insights or Google Analytics and integrating them to various IT stacks, Dataddo increased the capabilities of its platform by ingesting and processing YouTube analytics data.

Automated data extraction, integration and transformation

Being directly integrated with YouTube, the solution provides advanced data analytics capabilities, targeted especially for online marketers and data analysts, such as automated data extraction and delivery, custom metrics definition, data integration of multiple YouTube accounts as well as with other data sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Metrics for deeper insights

Dataddo currently supports more than 40 different metrics, ranging from engagement (likes, dislikes, comments, shares…) through watch time metrics (view duration, view percentage, minutes watched, watch ration…) to ad performance (gross revenue, CPM, ad impressions, monetized playbacks, estimated revenue…) providing deep insights of your video content.

Dataddo Youtube Analytics Automated Sync Dataddo Youtube Analytics Connector

Dataddo is complex data automation, transformation, integration and analytics platform, build for online marketers, data analysts and others who do not want to waste time by coding and API integration but rather get straight to insights. With Dataddo you can easily deliver Instagram data to your existing data warehouse, define custom metrics, give business value to your Instagram campaign data by integrating them with your financial or e-commerce metrics or simply off-load your data analysts from routine, boring and laborious tasks by automating the data extraction and transformation tasks.

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Data analytics, the next big challenge for businesses

In today`s world, businesses are increasingly data driven. In fact, it is not uncommon that average business is using CRM for clients and leads management, some business intelligence tool to dig deeper into financial perspective, services like Google Analytics for tracking websites, Google AdWords for on-line campaign management or perhaps some social network management tool as well. Having immediate information about the performance of various part of the business is always great, however, it has a dark side too. With more and more data pouring from such services and more new services and tools being used, orchestrating the whole system is becoming a rather unbearable burden. Just imagine, if you really want to get the most of each data source and service, how many experts you would need. To make it even worse, many such services naturally do not talk with each other, therefore getting big picture is a rather laborious task. Usually, someone on regular basis does have to manually get all the datasets and somehow make any good use of it.

Solution? Automation of data-handling processes!

In Dataddo, we are all data-freaks. Having such mindset is giving us the opportunity to understand the importance of being effective when it comes to working with the data. Our mission is to transfer this knowledge to our clients and to help them to transform the liability of ever-growing amount of data into their advantage. As an example, our client, one of the largest marketing agencies in the CEE region, is managing hundreds on Facebook campaigns on behalf of its customers. At the beginning of each month, they had to report performance figures of each campaign – a dead-boring job that originally took 4 business days and required an assignment of two analysts. The whole chain of tasks, from obtaining the data itself, through data transformation to delivery to client`s endpoints, was automated by Dataddo. After the deployment of our software, the client can now dedicate 8 man-days for further development of its business.

Dataddo is a provider of out-of-the-box solution that directly connects to services like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Insights or Twitter Analytics, automatically in given period downloads the desired datasets, can apply various transformations such as currency conversion, formula computation, text concatenation, integrates datasets from various sources, and even encrypts the data and deliver them to your server via SFTP, email, API or directly push them to your database. Besides that, part of the package is an integrated data visualisation framework that will help you to distill complex data into easily-digestible business dashboards. And the best part is that Dataddo provides a FREE account with full functionality, so feel free to try it!


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Dataddo 1.5 is live!

In first days of December 2016, we have successfully launched version 1.5 of Dataddo Web & Social analytics platform. Besides adding new features we took a particular focus upon improving user interface. Here is a shortlist of all new features and improvements available in the new version:

New data explorer

The most visible step forward is the complete revamp of Data explorer, particularly the ability to directly pin data from Data explorer to Dashboard is something our users have been long calling for. Moreover, we have added new filtering options, so from now on you can use relative date expressions to filter out your data (such as “last month” or “yesterday”) or complex reqular expressions for strings.

New structures

Though the upgrade of structures might not be directly visible, the sources within structure can be in version 1.5 binded together by indexes containing more than one column (as opossed to strict one-column indexes in prior versions). Also, we have upgraded virtual columns (AKA calculated metrics in Google Analytics’ language), so from now on, you can add if … else … statements inside virtual column definitions.

Exports & data excryption

For security-aware users we have added an option of data encryption for data exports (both automatic and on-demand) using OpenPGP standard. Moreover, ability to export your data as JSON string was added.


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Great achievement for Dataddo!

Last days of October 2016 were really successful for Dataddo as we have reached record-breaking 1000 users. This great success has been achieved due to the full commitment of all Dataddo team towards constant improvements of our services and overall experience with Dataddo platform. Moreover, I am happy to announce the official date of release of 1.5 version of Dataddo Web and Social analytics platform on 21st November 2016. The new version will include many new features such as API for accessing your data, support of exported data encryption using OpenPGP or enhanced data aggregation and dashboarding capabilities. Besides all new features, we have greatly upgraded user interface and streamlined many processes for even better user experience.

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Calculated metrics for Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics using Dataddo

In October 2015 Google announced the availability of calculated metrics. Although it is a really powerful feature, there are some drawbacks as well, especially when you need to define more than 5 metrics per view or you need to work with other than numeric-type data.

Dataddo contains a great feature called Structures that besides merging the data from multiple sources together allows you to define almost unlimited number of calculated metrics based on the any data available within the structure. Therefore using Dataddo your calculated metrics definition is not just limited to Google Analytics, but also available for Facebook Insights as well as for Twitter analytics (or any other data ingested to Dataddo).

Please find more information about Dataddo Web & Social data analytics platform.


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Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Insights currency conversions

Both Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Insights have superb ability to track performance of your ecommerce site or cost of marketing activity respectively. But, when you need to report the activity in multiple currencies or to compute specific financial metrics, the usual approach of most users is to export the data to some spreadsheet editor and do the computations / transformations manually. This advance is rather clunky, especially when performed in regular manner. Fortunately, Dataddo offers a solution enabling you to automate extraction of the data from both Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, transformation of such data, definition of computed / concatenated metrics and final data delivery in the form of visual dashboards or even raw data. This set-up can completely offload boring and labour-intensive tasks to completely automatic system. Following lines will give a brief introduction of how this can be achieved.

Obtaining the data

In Dataddo, data from various services are stored in Sources. In this example we load data from Google Analytics representing daily break-up of revenues (USD) in April 2016 (ga:date as dimension and ga:revenue as metric). Data can be also automatically synced or incrementally stored.

Google analytics connectorGA source explorer

Defining the structure

Structures in Dataddo are data transformation facility. It can contain one or multiple source. For our case of currency transformation, we will add just Google Analytics source to the structure.

GA data transformation

Transforming the data

For currency transformation we need to define computed column with simple formula that will transform the values in USD to values in EUR and GBP. And voila, we are done!

GA currency transformationGa transformed currencies

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Dataddo Web and Social analytics platform 1.4

I am proud to announce the immediate availability of Dataddo Web and Social analytics platform version 1.4. Besides further improvements of the system performance and few bug fixes we have added many great features that enhance capabilities of the whole platform. Here is a shortlist of them:

Facebook Ads Insights connector

Besides standard Facebook Insights we have added the capability to extract the data from Facebook Ad Insights as well. Similarly to other connectors, we provide full graphic UI requiring absolutely no knowledge of Graph API. Moreover, full automation capabilities are available for this connector as well, therefore you can easily automate extraction and exporting of Facebook Ads Insights data.

Computed columns

We have re-worked the structures and added to possibility to define you own computed or concatenated columns. This feature is particularly useful when you need to construct you own metrics based on existing data or for currency conversions.

Data formatting

Another great enhancement of the structures is the ability to define output format of the data. We currently support various currencies, percentage, decimals and date & time formats. We will be gradually the new formats in the future.

Automation management

In order to give our users better control of all automated actions, we have created a dedicated interface with the ability to track, test and debug each automated action.

Beyond new feature and enhancements I would like to promote our new explainer video, hope you gonna like it 🙂