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Data analytics, the next big challenge for businesses

In today`s world, businesses are increasingly data driven. In fact, it is not uncommon that average business is using CRM for clients and leads management, some business intelligence tool to dig deeper into financial perspective, services like Google Analytics for tracking websites, Google AdWords for on-line campaign management or perhaps some social network management tool as well. Having immediate information about the performance of various part of the business is always great, however, it has a dark side too. With more and more data pouring from such services and more new services and tools being used, orchestrating the whole system is becoming a rather unbearable burden. Just imagine, if you really want to get the most of each data source and service, how many experts you would need. To make it even worse, many such services naturally do not talk with each other, therefore getting big picture is a rather laborious task. Usually, someone on regular basis does have to manually get all the datasets and somehow make any good use of it.

Solution? Automation of data-handling processes!

In Dataddo, we are all data-freaks. Having such mindset is giving us the opportunity to understand the importance of being effective when it comes to working with the data. Our mission is to transfer this knowledge to our clients and to help them to transform the liability of ever-growing amount of data into their advantage. As an example, our client, one of the largest marketing agencies in the CEE region, is managing hundreds on Facebook campaigns on behalf of its customers. At the beginning of each month, they had to report performance figures of each campaign – a dead-boring job that originally took 4 business days and required an assignment of two analysts. The whole chain of tasks, from obtaining the data itself, through data transformation to delivery to client`s endpoints, was automated by Dataddo. After the deployment of our software, the client can now dedicate 8 man-days for further development of its business.

Dataddo is a provider of out-of-the-box solution that directly connects to services like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Insights or Twitter Analytics, automatically in given period downloads the desired datasets, can apply various transformations such as currency conversion, formula computation, text concatenation, integrates datasets from various sources, and even encrypts the data and deliver them to your server via SFTP, email, API or directly push them to your database. Besides that, part of the package is an integrated data visualisation framework that will help you to distill complex data into easily-digestible business dashboards. And the best part is that Dataddo provides a FREE account with full functionality, so feel free to try it!


Dataddo Use cases, Strategy, Web analytics

Automated reporting for digital marketing agencies

Internet as a medium changed the marketing communication forever as it brought the ability to measure the activities and therefore more precisely calculate ROI of marketing expenditures. Regardless whether you spend the money on advertising in search, social networks or in on-line display, you have plenty of tools at your disposal to track the effectiveness of each communication channel. As it happens, nothing interesting is ever completely one-sided, therefore employing additional on-line communication channel incrementally increases the need for reporting and thus the workload of internal staff. In a common situation when you use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and perhaps some other marketing channels at the same time, when a consolidated performance report is required, you need to access multiple reporting interfaces, download the raw data and in some spreadsheet editor manually mash the data together and perhaps to create some graph.

With Dataddo, you can easily mash data from multiple sources together, set automated data synchronization and define consolidated reports. Using Dataddo’s reporting automatization, you can save a considerable amount of workload of your staff. Moreover you can define each consolidated report to be in given time and period automatically delivered via email to multiple recipients.

Dataddo offers a great package of functionality for any industry and user, but its amazing automated reporting functionality is particullarly appreciated by digital marketing agencies. Here is a quick overview of its most important features.

  • Mashing data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights together.
  • Automatic data extraction and synchronization.
  • Consolidate reporting and data visualization.
  • Automated report delivery in given time and period to multiple recipients.
  • Branded reports.