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Automated reporting for digital marketing agencies

By Petr Nemeth

Internet as a medium changed the marketing communication forever as it brought the ability to measure the activities and therefore more precisely calculate ROI of marketing expenditures. Regardless whether you spend the money on advertising in search, social networks or in on-line display, you have plenty of tools at your disposal to track the effectiveness of each communication channel. As it happens, nothing interesting is ever completely one-sided, therefore employing additional on-line communication channel incrementally increases the need for reporting and thus the workload of internal staff. In a common situation when you use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and perhaps some other marketing channels at the same time, when a consolidated performance report is required, you need to access multiple reporting interfaces, download the raw data and in some spreadsheet editor manually mash the data together and perhaps to create some graph.

With Dataddo, you can easily mash data from multiple sources together, set automated data synchronization and define consolidated reports. Using Dataddo’s reporting automatization, you can save a considerable amount of workload of your staff. Moreover you can define each consolidated report to be in given time and period automatically delivered via email to multiple recipients.

Dataddo offers a great package of functionality for any industry and user, but its amazing automated reporting functionality is particullarly appreciated by digital marketing agencies. Here is a quick overview of its most important features.

  • Mashing data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights together.
  • Automatic data extraction and synchronization.
  • Consolidate reporting and data visualization.
  • Automated report delivery in given time and period to multiple recipients.
  • Branded reports.

Tags: Marketing, Social Analytics, Data Use Cases