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Dataddo 1.5 is live!

In first days of December 2016, we have successfully launched version 1.5 of Dataddo Web & Social analytics platform. Besides adding new features we took a particular focus upon improving user interface. Here is a shortlist of all new features and improvements available in the new version:

New data explorer

The most visible step forward is the complete revamp of Data explorer, particularly the ability to directly pin data from Data explorer to Dashboard is something our users have been long calling for. Moreover, we have added new filtering options, so from now on you can use relative date expressions to filter out your data (such as “last month” or “yesterday”) or complex reqular expressions for strings.

New structures

Though the upgrade of structures might not be directly visible, the sources within structure can be in version 1.5 binded together by indexes containing more than one column (as opossed to strict one-column indexes in prior versions). Also, we have upgraded virtual columns (AKA calculated metrics in Google Analytics’ language), so from now on, you can add if … else … statements inside virtual column definitions.

Exports & data excryption

For security-aware users we have added an option of data encryption for data exports (both automatic and on-demand) using OpenPGP standard. Moreover, ability to export your data as JSON string was added.


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