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Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Insights currency conversions

Both Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Insights have superb ability to track performance of your ecommerce site or cost of marketing activity respectively. But, when you need to report the activity in multiple currencies or to compute specific financial metrics, the usual approach of most users is to export the data to some spreadsheet editor and do the computations / transformations manually. This advance is rather clunky, especially when performed in regular manner. Fortunately, Dataddo offers a solution enabling you to automate extraction of the data from both Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, transformation of such data, definition of computed / concatenated metrics and final data delivery in the form of visual dashboards or even raw data. This set-up can completely offload boring and labour-intensive tasks to completely automatic system. Following lines will give a brief introduction of how this can be achieved.

Obtaining the data

In Dataddo, data from various services are stored in Sources. In this example we load data from Google Analytics representing daily break-up of revenues (USD) in April 2016 (ga:date as dimension and ga:revenue as metric). Data can be also automatically synced or incrementally stored.

Google analytics connectorGA source explorer

Defining the structure

Structures in Dataddo are data transformation facility. It can contain one or multiple source. For our case of currency transformation, we will add just Google Analytics source to the structure.

GA data transformation

Transforming the data

For currency transformation we need to define computed column with simple formula that will transform the values in USD to values in EUR and GBP. And voila, we are done!

GA currency transformationGa transformed currencies

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