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Dataddo Web and Social analytics platform 1.4

I am proud to announce the immediate availability of Dataddo Web and Social analytics platform version 1.4. Besides further improvements of the system performance and few bug fixes we have added many great features that enhance capabilities of the whole platform. Here is a shortlist of them:

Facebook Ads Insights connector

Besides standard Facebook Insights we have added the capability to extract the data from Facebook Ad Insights as well. Similarly to other connectors, we provide full graphic UI requiring absolutely no knowledge of Graph API. Moreover, full automation capabilities are available for this connector as well, therefore you can easily automate extraction and exporting of Facebook Ads Insights data.

Computed columns

We have re-worked the structures and added to possibility to define you own computed or concatenated columns. This feature is particularly useful when you need to construct you own metrics based on existing data or for currency conversions.

Data formatting

Another great enhancement of the structures is the ability to define output format of the data. We currently support various currencies, percentage, decimals and date & time formats. We will be gradually the new formats in the future.

Automation management

In order to give our users better control of all automated actions, we have created a dedicated interface with the ability to track, test and debug each automated action.

Beyond new feature and enhancements I would like to promote our new explainer video, hope you gonna like it 🙂

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