Social media analytics

Getting structured data from Facebook Ad Insights

In order to further increase the capabilities of Dataddo Web and Social analytics platform, we have added Facebook Ad Insights connector to our portfolio, allowing you to use up to 60 metrics for tracking the performance of your Facebook Campaigns.

Beyond Ad Insights

Beside Ad Insights, Facebook provides robust Marketing API allowing you to extract complex raw-data, but exploiting its full potential requires a certain level of knowledge in programing as well as in database technologies, therefore building your custom reporting solution consumes a considerable amount of man-hours in development. Dataddo Facebook Ad Insights connector provide user-friendly GUI making your data easily accessible and requiring no knowledge of Facebook Marketing API and absolutely no coding.

Automated data collection

One of the great drawbacks of Facebook Ad Insights is the lack of historic data and limited export capabilities. Dataddo Facebook Insights connector allows you to automatically retrieve defined metrics-set in given periods. All the data incrementally built-up in Dataddo allowing you to get vital business insights in greater granularity and much deeper detail as well as to long-term track your Facebook activities.

Advanced analytics

Once your data are successfully loaded in Dataddo, you can enjoy the great analytics capabilities of the platform such as automated data profiling, data visualization or advanced data filtering. Also you can mash Ad insights data with others using data structures. To have all your business insights easily accessible, you can utilize business dashboards and shortcuts.

Automated data export

Dataddo allows you to set to automated exporting of your data to FTP / SFTP server or automated data delivery via email to a pre-defined set of emails.

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