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Dataddo 1.0 is public.

After months of fierce development, I am really proud to announce the immediate availability of dataddo 1.0. Let me sum up the main features of this version:

  • Connectors. Provide the ability to exploit the full potential of APIs of various services such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights without any knowledge of programming. Some of the connectors have the ability to set up automated data extraction, allowing to programmatically extract the data in given period without any further interference with the system.
  • Data explorer. Dataddo’s primary tool for conducting data analytics tasks. Allowing advanced filtering (including using regular expressions), sorting and statistical computations. Furthermore, you can export the data to common formats such as .XLS, .CVS or XML.
  • Data structure. Unique feature allowing you to fuse data from various sources together in user-friendly drag-n-drop manner. It has the ability to provide an alternative solution to cases that would otherwise required an implementation of traditional SQL database.
  • Reports. Allowing further modification and visualization of the data for executive-level users.

Dataddo 1.0. is free to use for ANY user with certain limitations (amount of data stored, structures, automated data extractions and reports). If that does not comply with your requirements or you need a custom solution, feel free to contact us.

Finally, let me inform you about upcoming features scheduled for implementation by mid-February:

  • More data visualization widgets in reports.
  • Automated emailing of reports to multiple recipients.
  • Custom branding of reports.
  • FB Graph API connector instead of current FQL-based.
  • Data visualization widgets in data explorer.
  • Data clustering in data explorer.

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